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hands grabbing my feet,so cold, too cold, let me go,breaths stolen away Her rise to the top was mercurial. It was breath-taking. It was beautiful. She stripped away the corruption in the world, like silk dropping from her lithe body. No one recognized her from high school. he touched me again,i screamed and he bitContinue reading “survivors”

broken trust

authority figuresteachers, bosses, adults, parents ignore my criesplease, they hurt me at home,, they don’t, child, you are delusional. ignore my bruisesmy eye – it hurts – it’s black and mottled greenyou fell, you clumsy child. ignore my sadnessi’m drowning. please, i need help. you want attention that bad, child? ignore mei amContinue reading “broken trust”

Dark Shadows

The life of James McHolmes was a good one. He was an orphan, who rose to the top dizzingly fast. His charisma, bright smiles, and good lucks brought audiences to his success. His foster mother described him as a “wonderful child. Exceedingly bright. So kind.” His friends claimed he was the “nicest person you couldContinue reading “Dark Shadows”

the broken

her hair hangs in jagged edgesits teeth caressing her pale neck.her eyes surrounded with dark ringsher thin pink lips chapped. she flinches away from your touch,not from hate but from fearthe last time someone touched her thereshe woke up with butterfly bruises. she’s skeptical about everything you sayeven when you claim they are truthsbecause theContinue reading “the broken”

The Broken One

Broken words, shattered mirror,Tears ricochet, shouts linger,Bruises in shape of butterfly on stomach. Held by chains against rock,Raging storm surround,Screams unheard, alone. Crawl across sand, Wind ferocious biting into skin,Raw knees, raw soul. Beg for forgiveness,Pushed back down, back screaming,Waves relentless on your shore. Broken soul, broken tears,He says “I’m sorry, can you forgive?”Buys youContinue reading “The Broken One”