Motivation and Habits: Key to Success

People always preach about motivation. It’s what drives you. It’s going to make you want to that one thing for the next few hours straight, to put your heart into it, to put your soul into it… It’s going to make you want to be in charge of the next twenty-four hours of your day.Continue reading “Motivation and Habits: Key to Success”

The Un-Originality of Writing a Blog

Writing a blog is not original. Whatever you think, it’s not. You may be the first of your friends, but you’re certainly not the first in your city, your state, your country, or the entire world. Every blog post has been recycled, trashed, recycled, and trashed again by different people around the world. They goContinue reading “The Un-Originality of Writing a Blog”

What is Your “Why”?

The reason why you are writing a post, why you are even writing a blog at all dictates your long-term perseverance and patience regarding the crawling numbers of comments, likes, and followers. I started this blog because I love writing. I want my words to reach across the globe; I want to write about mattersContinue reading “What is Your “Why”?”

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