A Rainbow of Emotions

Colors of rainbowFeelings woven togetherSome clearly defined. Slashes of red paintGreat volcano explosionUnrestrained anger. Dots of orange paintErratic breaths, knees bouncingLoop of nervousness. Splash of yellow paintShimmering golden sunriseSparks of happiness. Sharp cracks of green paintRunning over broken heartPain of jealousy. Soft swirls of blue paintOcean tide retreating backSadness sweeping in. Whirls of purple paintGlidingContinue reading “A Rainbow of Emotions”

Red Lipstick

Red lipstick blushingHair in brown waterfall wavesJagged at the ends. Back straight, look pretty,Sit down, close mouth, lovely facePainted doll for show She kisses and tells,Called out as ugly whoreTears slide, heels in trash. Stay single, risk firePrude, ugly, too fat, too thin,Tears slide, heels in trash. Changes come too slowClinging to black and whiteContinue reading “Red Lipstick”

Hopes and Dreams

She closes her eyesCold chill dies against warm hopeDreams lovely at night. Winter bird in springDreams twittering on birch treeWaiting for a mate. Jar of dreams and starsIn his calloused hand bouncingHopes of happy life. Hospital room whiteBreaths rattling my bodyHopes and dreams walk out. Loving home shattersGlass shards digging in her feetDreams for betterContinue reading “Hopes and Dreams”

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