Flying Away

Two pairs of shoes,And clothes scattered on the groundLuggage goneAnd I’m alone again. All I’m left with is the smell of you,And the tears dripping down,Into the ground you once stood in. I still see our pictures on the wall,Hands around each other,Intertwined in life and happiness. The sound of your crooning voice,When you playedContinue reading “Flying Away”

Happiness in Demise

Little girl on white, white floorUnmoving figure of goddess Venus pristinePuffs of breath, a cloud of dustSwirls around her mouthAs a placid smile stretches her face,Eyes of sadness cry. Fingers coiled around dark red rosePrick of blood Drip, Drip, DripA snap of light holds it forever,A moment suspended in the past. Writings on a white,Continue reading “Happiness in Demise”

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