imperfections and flaws

my body in the mirrorspeaks of only disgust and anger.too fat, too skinny,my body is nothing. why is my hair so wrong?it’s too curly, too straight, too wavyit won’t stay in place, it’s ugly compared to hers. makeup won’t hide my acne or my scarsnor how my eyes are tilted at the edgesor how myContinue reading “imperfections and flaws”

When We Were Young

our feet pattered against the floorin happiness, we crowed as we racedtowards the pole, our hands stretched outi touched it first, laughing. the sun was warm and the glow was strongice cold water against our lips, as we splashedin the pool, slapping water at each otherin childish delight. homework were sheets of blank paperstudents wereContinue reading “When We Were Young”

the broken

her hair hangs in jagged edgesits teeth caressing her pale neck.her eyes surrounded with dark ringsher thin pink lips chapped. she flinches away from your touch,not from hate but from fearthe last time someone touched her thereshe woke up with butterfly bruises. she’s skeptical about everything you sayeven when you claim they are truthsbecause theContinue reading “the broken”

Love is…

Love is like the taste of hot chocolateOn a chilly winter night. Love is like a butterfly landing on your handDuring the sweet-smelling spring time. Love is like laughing too hardUntil you begin crying tears of joy. Love is like slow dancing in the middle Of a party jam. Love is like peppery kisses downContinue reading “Love is…”

the young

fiery red slashes dancing across table topspulsing muse and dark room mellow orange slices eating on lavendar couchfeet in the air, dream about the future bright yellow pencil rolling across scratched desktick tock time is running away emerald green grass beneath our fresh green feetnerves run high, college is near tearful clear blue on brightContinue reading “the young”

The Broken One

Broken words, shattered mirror,Tears ricochet, shouts linger,Bruises in shape of butterfly on stomach. Held by chains against rock,Raging storm surround,Screams unheard, alone. Crawl across sand, Wind ferocious biting into skin,Raw knees, raw soul. Beg for forgiveness,Pushed back down, back screaming,Waves relentless on your shore. Broken soul, broken tears,He says “I’m sorry, can you forgive?”Buys youContinue reading “The Broken One”

Girl With Stars in Her Eyes

A girl swathed with moonlight,With hair flowing from ebony silk,Dark lustrous eyes shining with light of the stars,Slender body whirling at night. A girl with sharp teeth and an even sharper tongue,Eyes that flash with flames with provoked,Beauty is not her concern,Neither is fame or fortune. Hatred against the merest slights,Shifting temper with a blowContinue reading “Girl With Stars in Her Eyes”

Pink Is Not Our Color

Pink is not our color,You can’t expect us to simply comply.We live among dragons who breathe fire,Yet we are supposed to sweep their mess and cry. Pink is not our color,We are ladies of a thousand butterfly wings.Don’t tell us we are fragile,Else we might butcher your tyrannical kings. Pink is not our color,We areContinue reading “Pink Is Not Our Color”

Death Waits For No One

Death reaches out a pale bony handFrom underneath his ebony night cloak,Sweeping back his hood in this strange land, Face of nightmares and dreams provoked. He points at a the sturdy ivy-strewn ridge,Wipes your brow with a gentle finger,And leads you across the floating bridge,The grey mist tells you not to linger. Death does notContinue reading “Death Waits For No One”

Life is a Circle

A soft fluffy little chick Trembling, emerges from white broken egg.The egg must be laid by a chickenBut the chicken must appear from an egg,So the question still remains,Which came first, I beg,The chicken or the egg? Draw a perfect circle,And you will see,A circle has no beginning.The line goes around without a start orContinue reading “Life is a Circle”

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