anger: part iii

anger is my worst traitfor it takes me wholly and without remorse. i use it as a shield,a sword,the first line of defense. anger is apart of me. it is this writhing serpent withinthat rears his head when provoked. and i let it take control,let it transform my features. does this make me a cowardforContinue reading “anger: part iii”

The Beauty and Destruction of Our Planet

There used to be a time where life flourished. Let me tell you about that time. and in the midst of beauty and destruction,there was a pause. life. the stars have never shone so brightly,pinpricks of otherworldly lightpeeking through the night-colored cloth. and humans lay on their back,emerald green grass as soft a bed asContinue reading “The Beauty and Destruction of Our Planet”

obsession: part ii

obsessions are part of me,a mere fracture of my broken mind. i find myself falling most of the time,into a dark deep pit i cannot escape. in this dark deep pit, i indulge my latest desires,and i read and read and readuntil my eyes grow weary. is it such a bad thing,this obsession? or theContinue reading “obsession: part ii”

lost: part i

i have always been afraid,afraid of letting myself go,afraid of failing,afraid of falling. tears and cries are familiar to me,even if they are silent,and i do not let myself hopebecause hope, a foreign flame,can be blown out. trust cannot be trusted,happiness is elusive,and loss can only be expected. vulnerability is a weakness of mine,and iContinue reading “lost: part i”

Home Is The Heart

Home is not where you are,Nor where my family resides. Home is not a structure of wood and plaster,Nor a burrow in the ground. Home is not where I live,or where I sleep. Home is a feeling,a coil around my heart. Home is the smiles and the laughterof my friends and family. Home is happiness,wrappedContinue reading “Home Is The Heart”

from the clouds to the waves

fairy-tale dreams rolling across ocean blue skywithout a care in the world,whimsical and proud,they taunt the burning sun. where they dance, the sky turns white,and pureness and beauty appearsabove the ocean blue. frothy blue waves, coated with jealousy and hatred,crash and crash against the shore,roaring in anger to be freedfrom its prison. beauty was neverContinue reading “from the clouds to the waves”


in the enda simple speck of dirtfloating in a maelstromof hatred, anger, sadness,of happiness, longing, and love. in the end,drowning under a million handswhose voices clamor for attention. And you wonder. someone who used to be lovedby family and friends,someone who drifted away so farinto a society who could hardly care,a voice that barely worked,alone.Continue reading “faceless”


the snow drifts lazily around the midnight moon,barren trees shedding a blanket of white,amidst the rapidly lightening night,two glowing eyes watch. scraggly and thin, worn from a hard life,ruby blood stains his weary jaw,together, he hunts with his family,alone, he suffers. the night is old, the moon fading,a lonely howl cleaves the steady silence,an owlContinue reading “wolf”

Broken Dreams

Shattered glass across the floor,Woven threads of red along the edgesAnd there she is…Lying so still. And I scream when the bear shouts“Goldilocks!” and I turn confusedOnly to be hit by an incoming carAnd shoved into a bed of medium size. Help, please, he begged,Tears were tracing down his face,But I didn’t move.He deserved it.Continue reading “Broken Dreams”

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