Stories: Made to Inspire, Not To Live In

I wear a cloak of stories that swishes with every step. My body is adorned with the scars and hearts of all the characters I have read. I have lived a long time in story-world. There was a time where I believed that in life I would get nowhere. So I turned to reading, whereContinue reading “Stories: Made to Inspire, Not To Live In”

Girl With Stars in Her Eyes

A girl swathed with moonlight,With hair flowing from ebony silk,Dark lustrous eyes shining with light of the stars,Slender body whirling at night. A girl with sharp teeth and an even sharper tongue,Eyes that flash with flames with provoked,Beauty is not her concern,Neither is fame or fortune. Hatred against the merest slights,Shifting temper with a blowContinue reading “Girl With Stars in Her Eyes”

Pink Is Not Our Color

Pink is not our color,You can’t expect us to simply comply.We live among dragons who breathe fire,Yet we are supposed to sweep their mess and cry. Pink is not our color,We are ladies of a thousand butterfly wings.Don’t tell us we are fragile,Else we might butcher your tyrannical kings. Pink is not our color,We areContinue reading “Pink Is Not Our Color”

Standing Up For What We Believe In

Standing up for what we believe in is a choice. We are not forced. We can truly stand on the sidelines and watch the world revolve. We can be the silent audience, looking on at the show. Tendrils of power float beneath your fingers. It’s a harness, tied to the back of a horse thatContinue reading “Standing Up For What We Believe In”

A Basic Synopsis On Feminism

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men were created equal Declaration of Independence Our country is founded on the basis of equality. Yet, inequality is a prevalent theme throughout history, especially regarding gender equality. Women in the United States received the vote on August 26, 1920. The earliest country in Europe grantedContinue reading “A Basic Synopsis On Feminism”

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