the rainbow of love

color vibrant redpride in her body and selfthe fierce warrior color gem orangesatisfaction in his lifefinally at peace color bright yellowtheir own happiness, unmarredby ugly rude remarks color safety greenharmony in nature andjade green renewal color peaceful bluetranquility in genderto live as herself color strong purpleunfigured, unbound by rules,loving everyone Hello everyone! Happy International PronounsContinue reading “the rainbow of love”

Please, Vote.

I do not know many things. My ignorance comes from age, among other cages that entrap me. The books my fingers flit through only tell so much. (Only tell one side of the story.) The internet is vast. Too fast for me to follow. I do not try. I do know elections in the UnitedContinue reading “Please, Vote.”

One World, Two Different Girls

I wear my hair back,face make-up free,my legs are constantly tappingwithin my loose jeans. I wear my hair long,a hint of blush on my cheeks,my legs still within my heels,skirts swish around my thighs. Sweat does not bother me,not when I run or when I playwith the boys in soccerand I laugh when I score.Continue reading “One World, Two Different Girls”


It is when the sun comes down,and the tears wash away my sorrows,where I can finally relaxand wallow in the shallows of happiness. My muscles groan with pain,and my hair hangs limply over my shoulders,where my pale faceglows slightly in the moonlight. There is dirt under my nails,dried blood I would reckon as well,but IContinue reading “Stronger”

The Salem Witch Trials

There were soft whispers,of the rumor kind,that travelled behind my turned back.I closed my eyesto the hard truth,and focused on my two pencesand shabby threadbare dresses. Of calloused handsthat delivered babes,screaming and crying into a blue world,that brushed a sick woman’s hairaway from her crazed blue eyes. Of calloused handsthat hang loosely by my side,theContinue reading “The Salem Witch Trials”

high heels, apologies, and ex-models

high heels, lipstick,the clicking of magnetic allure,dazzling smile, dyed hair,just what you’ve been looking for. the tight clothes can hardly fit,but you deem her good enough.her beauty is slightly dull,but enough to sell the papers. pounds gain, pounds lost,you wag your fingers at her blotchy face.really, you – the epitome of male – muse, womenContinue reading “high heels, apologies, and ex-models”

one small breath, light on my fingertips

one small breath, light on my fingertips,downy raven hair plastered to pale skin,and green, green eyes that stare back at me,innocence and love in one gaze. but reality comes and takes you away,four months and then gone,a whisper in wind,tainted only by the metallic smell of blood. i think of all the times that weContinue reading “one small breath, light on my fingertips”

Female Warrior

of dainty fingers and long hairunbound, smiles in the wind,with dreams of maidenhood,marriage and children. bloody fingers and chopped hairthrown into a ponytail, pain etchedin the slight wrinkles of her smile,dreams of happiness and building a future. brick by brick,calloused hands lift up the world,a platform for the free-form menand the women beneath, the foundationcrumblingContinue reading “Female Warrior”

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