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unnecessarily cruel, blackened tongue

lies in the wasting cavern

of your cracked and dried mouth.

teeth falling out as you spit insults,

under the guise of honesty –

dishonesty is your witch-hunt,

but you’ve killed dozens of non-witches

too –

so if you want honesty

(if you want to be real),

your real is unreal –

an excuse to be cruel,

an excuse to not feel.

A/N: look, my friend is my friend, and I don’t make friends carelessly. But she’s said some things about other people I consider my friends (that she doesn’t know are my friends) that doesn’t sit right with me and sound slightly sadistic from her side, as if she enjoys being cruel about them. I’ve spoken up a few times, and, though she’s toned it down, I’m sti a bit wary… Anyways, that’s my rant for today.


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