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rainy night

sneakers treading on soaked pavement stones
with puddles of water sneaking through crevices.
huddled under clear umbrellas beneath dark blue
touched with shades of gray.
Frost walking by your side with lingering glances;
he tries to grasp your hand but it is enveloped in warmth.
the rhythm of droplets falling in a clear diamond waterfall
around your still figure sings to your aching soul.
somehow, somewhere – in this cold, in this rain, in this night,
you feel not blind and upset but open and free.
the light you use to guide your way home is covered by blankets thick
but lanterns on each of your sides brighten your way forward.
even the emptiness of spaces next to you are filled
with the rhythmic reminder that you are not alone
falling all around you.

A/N: tried a different type of poem/writing this time…


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