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unfinished lyrics

in these pages you left behind –
the indent where your hand once rested,
shaking, as lead smeared
under your tears and your pinky finger –
i can hear your voice,
the lyrics you poured your heart into
taking life and flying into the sky.

these words, fueled with my sincerity,
i hope will meet you and your heart
in the starry night, part of the constellations
you once loved (love).
when you escaped the cages
constricting your lovely and vibrant soul,
the star you sang so much about
became the light i looked for but could never reach.

i make promises to the sky that i will never forget –
that i will walk down this harsh road that killed you –
but it doesn’t ease the nights
where the pillow becomes cold,
and the rain marks every second without you,
when the calendar flips to autumn – our meeting and dying seasons,
when my heart sings of emptiness.

in these pages you left behind,
your words left unfinished –
the you that longed for sleep in your lyrics
who finally found peace –
i will write the rest of your song
where your hand still rests.


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