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pink cake with candles
and feeling warm happiness
blooming in my heart

yesterday was my birthday! i’m 17 now! yesterday was also the first birthday that more than one person knew it was my birthday (i blame my history teacher who has all our birthdays on a calendar in her classroom, where one of my classmates found out and told a lot of other people)… though the constant birthday wishes were kinda annoying, i think i was really happy yesterday.


5 thoughts on “birthday

  1. Happy Birthday then! I can remember being 17. I went to my first Willie Nelson concert and came home with bipolar disorder although I didn’t know I had it. It was a result of staying up all night and being triggered to be manic for days. So I blame Willie Nelson. (Lol) I liked your poem about being 12 and then 17 very much hope to hear more from your blog.

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