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time – an illusion –
shatters as we change the past,
as we fade away –

a breath of a dream.

people always say they want to visit the past to change mistakes. i would only want to go back to the past to relieve my happiest moments. without those mistakes i made, i wouldn’t be who i was now. we wouldn’t exist as we do without what we did in the past. of course, my perspective is only of some smaller mistakes. for those who have made bigger mistakes whose reverberations continue to follow them, i cannot entirely say i understand them, but i can say i sympathize with them. the past has already been formed, but your mistakes do not define you; everything you do NOW will shape your future. do the best you have with the time you are in now, rather than worry about the past (but, like i said, my words may simply be a load of crap because i’m only looking from a limited and optimistic (unusual of me) perspective).

(unless you think we live in a block universe. if you don’t know what that is, look it up. it’s fascinating and confusing.)


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