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passing storm

the silver linings
fade into golden sunlight
as the storm passes

we never remember the struggles we went through during the storm, but we do remember the hardship and what we got through, as well as the relief and sadness that follow us out. we are a changed person.

but what does not change is the sunlight in our everyday lives. for when we struggled to find the silver linings when the clouds covered all possible hopes and dreams, the sun continued to shine and wait for us patiently until we managed to find our way out.

in a way, the sun, like the moon and stars, is our guardian. our mother. there to comfort us if things go wrong, there to watch our tears water the unyielding concrete, there to celebrate with us when we achieve our happiest dreams.


4 thoughts on “passing storm

    1. Aw, thank you! For me, when I choose titles for my posts, I think about what is the central theme in what I am writing, or I think about a key word in the poem that I feel describes it. It’s often just a word describing the feeling of what the poem is represents rather than attempting to force a title onto it. However, I totally get what you mean! Sometimes, I’m staring at one of my posts and I’m like no word simply goes as the title. Best of luck!

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