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lost dreams

the road flickersㅡ
heartbeat hollowㅡhumans are mortal yet bleed inchorㅡ
and life continues to fall through our fingersㅡ
grains of fine dust driftingㅡthe tired stop to sleep,
next to a treeㅡcould it be?ㅡcrouches fate and misery
intertwined, the raven’s caws and people’s cries
the wind blows you off the barren roadㅡ
and hope flies away, abroadㅡ
you continue to walk in a grey dream
your future tearing apart at the seams
it seemsㅡvoice unheard, a silent screamㅡ
blindly, you keep walkingㅡ
you have no dreamsㅡfriends scoff at your beliefsㅡ
a failureㅡ whose carcass can’t be botheredㅡravens flying
in circles, you walk perpetually
in a nonexistent dream.

when your childhood fades away and you no longer have the energy nor time to chase your dreams, you feel the magnitude of loss – of knowing what you could have had but what you didn’t have.


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