a boiling anger
stirred – seasoned – within the soul
a shadow of hate

frustration, i think, is a type of anger, but, in my mind, a duller type of red. anyways, this is basically a rant haiku for me because my class schedule is wrong when it was just right a week ago, and school starts tomorrow… so, basically, if my counselor doesn’t change my schedule, i’m screwed.

but, as a disclaimer, never let your frustration take over your rationality. nothing is worth your rationality or your mind. i’m writing to clear my mind and vent my emotions. it’s hard to not let it overtake you because you want to simmer in the frustration for a little while, but, eventually, you have to let it go before it hurts you.

but… if you do ever need to vent, you can vent in the comments of this blog 🙂 it’s supposed to be a safe place for my readers, so you’ll always have me in your corner.

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