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the clock ticks, missing a handㅡ
tick tick tick tick
a countdown to eternal sleep, yet i sleep
my eyes open, i walk eternally,
a weight tied to my feetㅡthe raven cawing,
i see no colorㅡno silver and goldㅡ
the clock ticks.

the future is a colorless voidㅡgrey;
eyes open, yet closedㅡthe wind blows
tossed around, a rag doll, i am blown
away into the distanceㅡa chill to my bones,
no night or day, time is endless,
and still i walkㅡ
the wind continues to howl my name
but i have no name.

the clock ticksㅡa whole sound,
tick tock tick tock
they rush away after the rain
the light greeting themㅡ
they chase after their dreamsㅡ
(say hello for me, i say)
still i walk —
the clock ticksㅡa hollow sound
tick tick tick tick.


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