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society smiles

(please don’t laugh during a funeral
or smile when someone is killed in front of your eyes
because sometimes amidst the cloud of sighs
the sun is not appropriate on sad days
on those days pay your respects
and don’t reduce their deaths.
yeah, this poem only applies to your life.)

what’s this messed up society
in which people tell you to smile and laugh
but the moment you turn your head
and smile when its raining in your house,
they look at you and ask if you made your bed
because you act like you’re about to be dead
in the next second, they swallow and ask
why you’re smiling when the sky is sad
or when your life seems not to be treating you right
maybe there’s something wrong with your head
because you shouldn’t be smiling
if your situation doesn’t deserve it
why are you laughing
you should be crying.


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