logging off

i’m tired right now
the moon’s awake,
staring at me full-on with its sparkling face
maybe i should be sleeping
conked out in my bed, mind quiet – but instead
i’m listening to the pretty willow
wail out its sad sighs, create mournful designs,
and, in the middle of it all, the storm bellows its cries

my parents fight
the doors start slamming and skin collides
and, in my mind, my dream dies
instead i’m awake, mind’s alive,
my eyes staring blankly, my computer thrives,
it’s light flashes blankly, once or twice
no brain, it doesn’t need to survive

it doesn’t know that it’s irrelevant,
that it can be replaced with a pretty present
and here i am,
logging off,
cuz i’m too tired to fight it off
these demons inside me really want out
and now everything’s about to blowout.

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