lectures and pain

it’s the same old thing, day after day,
you sit me down on the couch, tell me how
i’ve failed you, fallen short of your goals,
lecture me on all the things you wish i could be
and wait for an apology
rescinding my mistakes and all my grace
hate to disappoint you to your face
but the door’s open, kicked on my way out,
these delusions you live are just illusions
of what you wished you could have been but wasted
you lie on the couch and sit with your head in the clouds
pass the days by, you don’t move,
stuck in this well, you only see the darkness around
and, well, i’ve got nothing else to say
maybe cuz i feel sorry for your disgrace
but i still hug you goodbye everyday
hoping someday i will stop feeling the pain

inspired by NF: “let you down”

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