scholastic rant

pile of papers
littering my desk
drenched in the smell of coffee
and tears of the tired,
glaring at the bright screen of my computer
calculator and pen overused,
callouses on my fingers
wonder when they can rest,
and the clock ticks on
through the night,
the moon shines for lovers to sleep,
i suffer through the toil of school,
the grade on which my life depends
teachers who shun their jobs
and laugh at the sidelines at the players
playing a rigged game,
taunting me tomorrow
i will fall on my pillow exhausted,
leaving in fate’s hands my blood, sweat, and tears,
but, for now,
i scorn the moon and my pillow
and i let myself be consumed by endless worries

aka a rant about me prepping for tomorrow’s AP Calc BC test because who wants to take it. also because my teacher taught us up to the AP Calc AB stuff and didn’t teach us the BC topics, so we had to learn them by ourselves… so yeah… stressing about it. thank goodness school ends this friday for me… so far away —

if you can’t tell, i think the system of school, while has our best interest in mind, is a bit messed up.

but then what isn’t?

gah… must get back to math

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