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my friend

my friend,
i remember the photograph-wrinkled old days,
streaming golden sunlight under white clouds
where we sat on broken-down benches,
staring at the future together.

my friend,
i remember the fights and the make-ups,
the tears and the touch-ups,
the fear and the happiness that consumed our lives,
i remember everything.

my friend,
i found your shadow wandering around the district today,
lost with your hands newly freed from cuffs,
i had crossed busy intersections and roads to meet you everyday,
you never looked so lost.

my friend,
your shadow kissed me on the cheek and spun me around,
we sat on broken down benches, chewing on cold sandwiches,
staring at the sunset behind weedy parking lots,
you smiled with cracked teeth and broken dreams.

my friend,
your shadow did it again today,
on the same broken bench we sat together on,
you looked at me with swirling eyes and held it to my eyes,
asking if i wanted to experience euphoria away from earth.

my friend,
your shadow wanders on streets at night,
lost and broken, you find comfort in what took you first away,
we dreamt of a future together with the both of us,
you dream of a euphoria with both of us together,
i dream of fixing the past to save your broken heart and shattered dreams.


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