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Maginot Line

perfection built
in protection of my beloved –
the jewel precious –
behind steel walls of force.

narrow-minded sights
see a simple path;
the future is clear,
the hazy clouds disappear,
the sun shines.

power and will
behind brick walls,
mortars in trenches –
pain and blood
spilled for perfection.

hours and hours,
blood sweat and tears
pouring from calloused hands –
my beloved jewel fair,
forever safe.

but dawn arose from night,
my beloved jewel stolen
behind my fortresses –
no brick touched, no cannons –
the future divided.

i was too blind to see
the path sneaking
past my narrow-minded obsession
a rich man – now a poor man –
fooled by simple trickery.

what use is perfection
if it serves no purpose?

inspired by the Maginot Line built in Hunspach, France in the WWII. it was the perfect fortification to stop German soldiers from invading France and taking the country. it was the perfect defense. perfect. perfect. perfect. but it failed. German soldiers snuck in through neutral Belgium and took France, the very thing that the Maginot line was supposed to protect (fortified with the strength and country behind it).

talk about burning your bridges.

but this lesson of history does teach us to consider all options carefully. consider everything your opponent may do. scruples be damned, only the end result will matter. obviously, you can’t defend yourself against everything and everyone, but you can be prepared to face anything in the future.

fall down, but always fall facing the sky.


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