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there’s a feeling about you –
you feel everything,
know everything,
yet are nothing –
the number four burns bright
in your mind.

the omniscient human being,
you imagine yourself in the clouds
as a goddess,
whose view extends far beyond the world
and dips into the unseen.

in a dream land,
the swirls of imagination brush your hair,
golden halo disappear into dark wings
crumbling, you take flight into

they don’t understand,
those with the ordinary eyes,
what you suffer with – the number four
hanging over your head –
there is an emptiness.

and you lock yourself in your box,
sometimes letting your paint and words
create a beautiful dreamscape
others awe and clap at,
an animal at the circus

these days, the clouds don’t move,
you lay in a bed of feathers and airy dreams
watching the motionless sky
as cars crash beneath you
and the number four burning bright
you wait for your heart to start beating.

i’m an enneagram type 4. this poem is inspired by what a type 4 person is. (let me just say, this number describes me really well. this is not an ad for the enneagram test, but you should definitely take it, and see which number you get.) we are the dreamers who have the potential to either create a beautiful earth or who remain lost in the shadows.


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