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melt of snow on mountain caps,
the empty stump of a once vital tree,
smoke drifting from rubble
the reach of my hand for yours

but you drift away
with the break of the waves
colored red, heartbreak,
your tears don’t surface

your emotions blind your eyes
the decision made, i see the hatchet
bloodshed around us, only my pride left,
don’t – i reach out my hand, grasp only cruel air

my tower crumbles ,
spring will never bloom from dead of winter
flowers wilt,
without you, i am nothing

don’t, i beg, keep your promise,
your hands in mine for eternity
into the great blue sky and the vast ocean
through waves breaking and lava flowing

don’t – you walk away,
your footsteps deep in fallen snow
you don’t look back, fading away
the forest draws me deeper in

don’t – my words are lost in the sudden wind
and you disappear from my photo books,
a ghost lost in limbo, sacrificed to time,
my hand lies empty

and i am lost


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