say goodbye

is it simply just a memory?

the cherry blossoms drift aimlessly,
as i step across endless roads towards the horizon,
the river of fortunes running softly by my side,
my heart empty and my hand cold

will spring come again?

cherry blossoms became the dirt beneath my feet,
the sun sank below the mountains
and the moon hung in the cold frosted glass
of the window pane

will you return to my side?

reconciliations and separations
brought us together and away again,
the circle of love and life cycles its journey
the price to cross again is my heart

must we say goodbye?

the endless springs and summers taste
sweet in my faded memories,
but the autumn has come again, carrying away your love
into the horizon – the river of fortunes runs its course
across valleys of pain, as the sun sets in the west
beneath a carpet of cherry blossoms worn

and, so, i say goodbye

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