in this dark abyss,
i see no light,
the night
holds no visible stars
and i am left alone,
covered in scars
that suffocate my dreams
until there is nothing left
holding me together
at the seams,
nobody left
to listen to
my echoing screams

but in the silence
and the muffled cries
there are voices
that pierces through dark skies
that remind me
of sunrises and sunsets
and happiness and set-backs
of a loneliness that dissipates
around warm blankets and hot drinks
and shared laughter and shared tears
of memories made and smiles experienced
of hard and lonely strife
intertwined with the best of life

and maybe…
i can learn how to breathe

you are never alone. even when you feel like you are doing the same damn thing over again, when the darkness smothers your voices, when there is no light… i can’t tell you how to feel or what to remember… i can’t be there to hold or talk to you physically… and i’m sure you are tired of hearing that pain is only temporary… but i hope you can gain comfort from this blog and the fact that there is someone who cares.

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