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close-minded fools

these fools
have no idea why
society has sunk below
what is acceptable
and what is respectable
(they blame what they don’t understand)
because they don’t have eyes
and continue believing the truth
in their lies

and, in their close-minded world,
other opinions are wrong
and only theirs are right
and so the cycle of hate, bigotry,
racism, xenophobia, homophobia,
and all that is wrong with the world

i rarely say i “hate” people. the closest i have come to “hate” is when i am dealing with the type of people described above.

i despise people who are unable to see the other side of arguments. i despise those who cannot learn from their mistakes.

i despise those who continue believing in their right and are unwilling to believe in other ideas.

i despise the adults who brush teenagers aside because they believe in their elderly superiority and are unwilling to see or say that teenagers, especially in this time and day, have seen more than they have.

just yesterday, one of these adults in my life laughed at the fact that a teenager – a sixteen-year-old – could have experienced severe depression. because they themselves didn’t experience it and because they don’t believe in mental health issues and continuously believe in the stigmas of mental health, they discourage the reality of others because it does not fit with THEIR reality.

tell me when that is okay and i will give them slack. but they are adults. supposedly, in this twisted world of ours, they should know better. they should know that this type of discouragement and hate only spawns more hate and bigotry. but their minds have closed to what they, perhaps, in their childhood may have accepted. this is beyond the term “stubborn”. this is simply stupid.

if this is the world that we are meant to live in, i don’t want to live here at all.


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