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conversation about stars

why i believe in the stars?

it’s a novelty i have never seen – a night sky with millions of pinpoint dots of light shining through —

through what?

what? why? how? when? where?

the five questions of life.

back on point, i am not an optimistic person. i prefer to see myself as a realist, although some may say that i am a pessimist.

the difference between me and a pessimist is that i am not stuck on the dark side of the moon – the side that is always covered in shadows.

i can see where the sunlight reflects off the craters and dips in an another smooth and undisturbed surface.

that’s what i pride most about myself: the fact that i can see multiple sides of a situation. of course, this makes me shite in arguments, but i could care less.

with stars, it is a fiery ball of gas. it has the potential to hurt you, as much as it has the potential to light up your night. it is infinity wrapped in the blanket of life that always ends. the contradictions and the paradoxes invite me in.

(that’s also why i like the number 8. it is infinity, but it also ends. inevitably, we go onto the number 9.)

i like open-ended questions because it makes me think. i like open-ended concepts because there are endless possibilities. i like to make objects open-ended because i like to show off how i can find depth in even the shallowest of waters.

aka i’m slightly conceited…

but aren’t we all?


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