frustrations in darkness
of binds tied too tight
and the weight of the sky
dropped on shoulders drooped
by broken pride
and worn-out fights –
weight of their spite
painted blood on her hands,
her cracked voice cried
unheard in all its furious right.
she stood in the light,
gathered all their eyes
and watched their horror,
as the light in her eyes
dipped into night

please please please, in these troubling and difficult times, do not heap pressure on yourself. you may take care of everyone, may feel as if you are unheard, may feel that you are nothing. but you need someone to take care of yourself. and you are not unheard and you are not nothing because you have people, people who you may not even know, believing in you. and if you ever need to talk, you have me. ❤

inspired by L&O SVU latest episode

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