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preach nothing

preach –
they preach at the top,
hands a-waving, mouths a-spitting,
frothing, they preach
their truths of life – sparks of nothing
fizzle into nothing –
preaching, they slam their drinks,
everyone has lost their minds
but them, they preach –
saviors, they will save the lowlifes,
they will be
million-dollar car drives
into voids of wealth well-squandered,
shouting – preach – voices make no sound,
so fly, they spread their arms,
welcome the victims – preaching,
nothing is heard –
pure-blood superiority,
fame made their name, their name
they preached to the dregs,
money layers their beds
while their brothers shiver in the cold,
still, they preach about their truths –
preach! nothing but delusions.

isn’t it a shame when famed members of society hold their superiority above the others and then tell the others how to live their lives?

you may have reached the top, but there is still a way to go before you reach the stars.


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