till the world ends

human kindness,
a waste of space,
in the end,
only hate wins the race,
spilled blood always rends
tears and more pain,
there’s no gain
from everlasting hate,
and it’s only fate
that true freedom
remains an elusive kingdom –

divided into different spaces,
your and my faces
breaths suffocate
in glass boxes,
the rate we die
and sacrifice
our lives
in the world’s eyes
remains unimportant

mannequins continue falling
positions of grace left vacant
we can’t breathe –
they don’t listen –
the blood continues to paint the streets,
of racist hate filling the cleats
of sports that play for fun
turned into a race
to kill with guns

pain is gain,
the hopeful say,
stars shining in their eyes
their scars erased,
but these days,
pain is pain, and the gain
is lost among fires of rage,
by people unheard of different ages,
till everyone is afraid
and nothing is gained.

and humanity will never be saved.

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