scars to roses

covered with scars,
inked by broken pens
tracing knives across
previously unblemished skin –
reminders of pain –
wings clothed in darkness,
never seen by light,
tears were just tears,
wasting even water,
i wasted away.

but your hand grabbed mine,
fingers broken and bent –
scars unlike mine
patterning your heart –
but you smiled
with radiance
and roses bloomed,
an angel drew wings
from your back,
stretching towards the heavens,
tears were pearls,
expensive jewels,
you shone.

could it be…
i daren’t hope…

but i dared to hope
with you, my failures
failed to fail,
and my tears failed
to be just tears,
walking with you –
knees scratched,
years of kneeling –
the light bloomed,
and darkness spooled back,
when you laughed,
it sounded like church bells –
and when i laughed,
i could see roses

your hand in mine,
roses intertwined our souls
together, we drank
the water like the heavens,
slowly, scars –
still bled on some days –
bloomed like flowers,
a faint memory.

and you became my rose,
and i was your pearl.

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