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fall of the arrogant

they saw with dollar signs
dug into their eyes, they drank
the wine of the gods, laugh
like they beat the odds, drunk themselves
to the edge of their superiority, dionysus
covered his eyes in pity, the fools didn’t know
the storm ahead, the bow aimed at their heads,
but still they drank, trapped in chains
of the blame game, dregs of society dug their way
for the red-carpet pay, toppling kings
diamond rings flashing, beheaded –
the arrogant fools bled – too long
blind to the strong, they enjoyed
king’s entertainment high on steroids, trojan horse –
so the fools destroyed by their oppressed,
their coins rusted, paper disintegrated, none missed,
flame tools burnt their legacy,
till all of their supremacy remained
a speck of dirt in bloodstained curtains.


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