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to fly i need wings
but i am stuck in this cage
alone and hurting

i want to succeed
but society restrains
competition kills

children learn to walk
teen learns there is no limit
but you need your wings

wings – given to few –
miracles never granted
dreams always die young

the flight to the top
only the strongest succeed
in the race of life

(they say the weak die
since they don’t want to have wings
no wishes, nothing)

so why try to fly?

but what they don’t understand – they, the privileged, the-top-of-the-ladder, the comfortable, why wish for something you know you can’t pay for?

competition is good for society. it makes us work hard. become the best version of ourselves. but there is a limit. when the competition becomes too much, when you know only those who are born advantageous will succeed, you start thinking. what is is the point of trying?

what is the point of getting wings if you know you won’t be able to fly?

and, the point is, my dear reader, is that flying is naught but a metaphor for the tangible success. success, they believe, comes in the form of dollar bills.

you don’t need to have wings to be successful at life.

to be successful is to feel satisfied with what you have accomplished while wanting to accomplish more. success is making the people around you happier. success is dreaming and then completing those dreams to its fullest limit.

you don’t need to be rich to be successful.

you don’t need wings to fly.


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