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rusted chains snap with a metallic clang
of finality.

you tied me up with ropes that chafed at my wrist
threw me in a dungeon, submerged me in ice,
is it because i refused to paint your golden palace floors in yellow blood
red droplets in a circle – the choker around your neck –
yeah, i bleed just like you too.

blindfold flutters away into the darkness –
eyes open.

you tried to blind those innocent,
my crew you pulled their eyes out and ate it,
did it taste good? pure and gold, fits in with your gold chains
hiding beneath red white blue ugliness stirs,
you call yourself america, i call you broke amateur, fake monsieur, one hundred different slurs.

chapped lips bleed behind slipping tape
falling, falling to the ground.

you couldn’t bring yourself to cut my tongue,
cover my mouth, i bring the disease, is that fear?
red blood over your dirty hands, corrupt power
tried to silence me, the system – one hundred problems –
couldn’t hide your fear of me, tilted eyes stare back at you,
are you tainted by me? or is your fear true?

snapped vocal cords spring back
buzzing hum of displeasure.

bashed my head in a million ways, i can still speak,
where my crew falls, one replaces – we aren’t alone –
silence us through your hammers and shouts –
your twitter posts – spew hate and degrade,
a great wall we built around us you can’t break.

old bloodstains beneath my knees shrivel
my lungs find oxygen.

a great wall – is that what you are afraid of?
us with our diseases infecting the purity of the pure
golden palaces sunk by rust – my apologies, you did that to yourself
unconcerned with your possessions, you set out to break us –
fueled by lust, directed to dark hair words superfluous.

the sword still fits in my hand – a silver slash
in the darkness.

hundreds and thousands of us locked in your prisons
bare, we suffered in silence for too long – the good outsiders –
we break free of your stereotypes, the great wall in our pride
strength and nobility rise up – too long suppressed,
your rusted golden crown is no longer america’s crest.

cracked ice still floats, even when broken.

the broken still rise, even when beaten.

if America is truly freedom and democracy, you’ve forgotten for too long about Asians.

you’ve bloodied us in the past few months.

you want us gone. we’re still alive.

and all of us – you and us – are so afraid.

but we don’t want blood. we want justice.

it’s our time now.


if you want to help, visit this website for more information:

fyi, just posting something on social media isn’t enough to help. those are just words. words don’t have power unless the person wields the words in a lethal way. words don’t have power unless there is some action put to it. if you want to post something about preventing asian hate, make sure to implement what you write about in your life.


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