today: georgia – cold

it’s the screams,
white massage parlor walls
painted with spatters of red –

pop, pop, pop

black hair matted
against cold forehead –

how long as it been

pain, it’s the pain,
burning ice-cold, ice-hot,
eyes forever closed,
lost to the gates of heaven –

or is it hell here? where Americans
attack their own? have we lost
our sense of morals? or are we
simply repeating history? –

doors open and shut, buzz of voices,
flashing light and police sirens,
pencils scribbling madly –
it’s pain and pain and pain all over again,
mothers, sisters, human beings lost –

it’s ice cold.

how many more Asians have to paint the streets with their blood before mainstream media begins to acknowledge these hate crimes? how many more of us have to senselessly die, before some action is taken to control and combat these xenophobic attacks?

tell me.

because i don’t want to be another unnamed Asian victim of a hate crime in the news.

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