chaos in silence

it’s silent in the media,
Asians. we have to be loud.
scream, shout, rant, cry,
these are our brothers and sisters dying,
we can’t stand aside, let them provide
nothing but a red stain on uneven pavements
and have the nation move on from these broken movements,
or else, they win,
those racists and xenophobics and all that’s wrong with this world,
and this pain and sorrow will continue to build, burrowed
beneath white supremacy, scapegoating, misogyny,
the deaths of our treasured, our most valuable, we plea
for eyes to be open, for the media to report,
but the deaths keep on coming and the news stay silent and distort
the xenophobic crisis that we face today,
during this day and age and this rage
that boils up within us is purely justified,
because countless of Asians have died.

and this Georgia shooting of Asian women
working in massage parlors to provide an income
for their families waiting at home
isn’t the colors of a sex addict, monochrome
of unable-to-be-squashed-desires,
but painted red with blood of xenophobic fires.

and, let me tell you this,

these Asians are not going to be the last attacked.

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