breathe: inhale and exhale


it works just fine,
you and me,
harmonies that intertwine
into longing melodies.

your love
lights up the gray
with silver highlights
of dreamy smiles.

you taught me color,
how to light up
the night sky
with bright fireworks.


but i am shattered glass
all jagged edges
pieces of broken,
unable to be fixed.

and these cuts within me
grow deeper by day
till i know the hour comes
where you will bleed too.

so i’m going to let you go,
maybe a minute, hours, days,
so i can gather
these shattered pieces

glue them together
without hurting you
nightmares manifested from fear
i’m not fine.

i’m not fine,
and i’m tired
of saying i am fine,
so i need

to find myself again,
smooth these sharp edges
and bloody cuts
deep in my soul

to breathe easier just a little more.

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