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i am a lie living a lie –
this life doesn’t belong to me –
and my own words aren’t from my own brain,

but my lie keeps growing,
a spider endlessly spinning its web –
i am trapped within, my mouth taped shut

under these bright spotlights,
i shine like an angel come down from the heavens –
i am the epitome of purity.

but, in my room alone, i am the devilm
wrought from millions of lies
that combine to form a fragmented Pinocchio

and the truth lies within my soul,
past thousands of barriers and empty smiles
and a labyrinth twisting and turning,

but this truth is ugly rust,
oozing out oil and darkness,
hidden beneath velvet curtains of beauty –

so i am a lie living a lie
because, in reality,
the truth is much uglier to bear,

and it’s too much to bear
for society is accustomed to
much prettier things


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