everything ephemeral

spring blossoms alight with peaceful serenity
float to the ground with the barren breath of wind,
once bright green leaves shriveling into dry dust –
ashes of the beautiful –
arise on the melody of the winds blowing
furiously through pounding tears of heaven,
crystallizing into snow white flurries
before melting into the hollow cries
of your tears as you kneel on the crack pavement,
pain tearing at the fragile walls of your heart
with a crack tumbling down –
into the gentle morning sun alight
on your smiling face
before once again dissolving into the light ashes
floating in the breaths of the wind
blowing through the current of time
forever – a myth
that will, too, soon pass

know that the hardships that snap at your heels will pass. i can’t offer words of strength because they will end up being meaningless since i do not know what you are going through. but know that nothing is forever. everything is temporary, and your pain and hardships will be temporary as well.

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