Contradictions of :ife

It’s a love and hate relationship between the two of us –
it is the shining gold moments where I let myself relax and trust
in the beauty of the trees lining smooth highways,
a paradise that I cannot find even in the glittering golden rays
of sunlight flickering through a window in May.

But the sunlight somehow doesn’t hide the wandering shadows
of darkness, fear, anger, and sadness trailing the rusted gold,
lining the fringes of my shivering figure in the iciness
of an unforgiving society, chewing on my saneness –
I find myself frozen solid in the biting cold.

Life, my forever partner – infinite stars lining a night sky
to the tears dropping like broken pearls when I cry –
the cracks in the worn road I must travel,
and the sunlight brightening my way down the gravel –
the sea of contradictions i wade through towards the illusory castle.

It’s a love and hate relationship between the two of us,
and some days I wish you didn’t exist – shattered glass – thus,
I still welcome you with a warm hug under steady starlight
as if love and hate were the same word – a helpful parasite –
I always swing a sharpened sword at your head
and mourn you dreadfully when you are dead.

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