motivation for the frozen

some days, as you sit at your desk —
watch YouTube videos, doodle lazily, yawn a few hundred times —
you are the frozen fixture in life,
the people around you in the crowd,
ebbing and flowing,
discovering a new element, being a savior, working, working, working,
and you start to wonder —

what can i be doing at this moment to bring value to my worthless life?

it’s a vicious cycle, equipped with sharp teeth
and shadowy claws embedded in your bloody beating heart,
running on repeat everyday –
a habit, pressing the repeat button on the remote of life.

but, in the end, you are just yourself.

you can’t be the bodybuilder – 100 pounds an hour, ten more reps –
or the singer prepping for their world tour – Germany, Saudi Arabia, China –

i’m not telling you to be complacent about yourself –
not telling you to stay a frozen fixture –
that’s the worst you can do,
and i pity you –

be the best you can be in each moment.

if sitting at your desk,
sippin’ on the tea of the generation – Coca Cola –
while watching compilations of cats fall over themselves
is the best you can be in that moment,
regret nothing.

the world – a theater –
needs its audience and performers.

some days, you can’t be the performer –
the reclining chair beckons to you,
popcorn invading your every dream –
and those who say otherwise
are a performer 24/7 who eventually becomes
but the dust on your chair.

every performer started out as the audience.

remember to be your best at every moment,
and, you will, one day,
find yourself on the big stage –
feel as if you added value to your invaluable life –
even if the thought is fleeting.

2 thoughts on “motivation for the frozen

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting! Sometimes, it’s hard to remember that you don’t have to be doing “something” in every moment, and I wanted to convey that feeling…
      “All the world’s a stage” – William Shakespeare


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