feel nothing.

don’t worry, they say,
people have it worse than you, they say,
why are you crying? it doesn’t even look like it hurts that much, they say,
be grateful for who you are, they say.

my shards of feelings
buried beneath a gray mask
of only great joy

unmoved mannequin,
my lips stretched – forever smile –
i suffer nothing.

dead hands stretch for me,
they threaten to drag me down,
no one can see them.

my heart hurts. my head hurts. my soul hurts.

are you okay?

i’m fine.

never feel like you need to bury your feelings. in this society, this day and age, don’t let yourself drown beneath their expectations. you don’t always need to run. take a breath. take a breather.

you always have me if you need to vent.

love, jess

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