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of “love” forgotten

words are never enough.
English words of love, heart, and beauty
thrown around in society without another thought,
forgotten, trodden on,
superficial – a smile that doesn’t reach your eyes,
kisses from habit, not from the heart.
moonlight skips across the surface of the lake,
rippling. the stone sinks from its burdened grief –
i try to reach you, but you pull your hands away –
falling, flailing, hoping, wishing.
fishing pole hoists the sun above the craggly peaks
of mountains borne –
the steam from rice fades away, two chairs at the table,
one empty.
stars burn out one by one. we close our eyes –
only see the lights that remain in the sky.
glass shatters. i see my hater in the mirror.
and the same routine happens everyday.


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