blink of an eye

fleeting second.
kaleidoscope of noise and color
cut out in a blink of an eye
blurred together –
faces and voices and dreams,
from the lonely moon
dangling in the night sky from a string
pulled up by the dropping weight
of the vivid loud sun-
seesaw, day and night.
blink of an eye –
tomorrow is yesterday,
yesterday is the past,
today is the future.

close your eyes, my child.
today – with its looming shadows
that chain you to the rock of your past –
will pass.
when you open those luminous orbs,
future will greet you with a shaking hand
of flashes of color you will only be able to understand

our lives pass by with a snap of our fingers. every achievement you gain dissipates into dust the next moment. but, in the end, we still sit in our high thrones, laugh at the ants crawling below our feet, and drink our days away. and, drunk, we pass through the shadows into the darkness on the other side.

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