love letter

i have been thinking
about my future lately,
why i must exist.

my time spent writing,
if it is worth the effort,
the time, pain, and tears

when, in the future,
my words will not build money,
will not provide means

to live and survive
within a cold and cruel world,
where sharks eat minnows.

talent and fortune –
lady luck falters with me –
needed to be top.

but, the true truth is,
i write, not for likes or love
from the outside world,

but to satisfy
my true love for creating
and spreading my hope

across blank pages,
if someone’s pain is reduced,
from a ten to nine,

because of my words,
my reason for creating
is truly fulfilled.

and if someone laughs
after a long stretch of clouds
because of my words,

my reason to exist
is finally supported,
i feel satisfied.

i don’t need money
nor the hundred million likes
or elusive fame.

i only wish for
my words to brighten your day
bring light to darkness.

with these parting words,
i hope you know someone cares,
and i love you all.


11 thoughts on “love letter

  1. I thrive on chaos and one day you’ll welcome it. I promise you that, sweetheart! It hurts being human, but your words speak to the beautiful brokenness of the human condition. I’m very, very impressed that such an old soul resides in someone so young.

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