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paint – my life

i lived in a black and white world.
monochrome, i saw only two sides
of the coin – never the ends and never the folds.

to me, myself was the combination
of the ugly from my parents,
of white scars running deep through black souls.

but, if i was the cracked, uneven sidewalk,
you were the bouquet of flowers blossoming –
the attraction of a black and white world.

i couldn’t see the rainbows in your colors,
but, to everyone else, you were the shining sun
and i was the road made to be walked on.

but, slowly and surely, as your flowers grew
along the cracks of my broken black and white world,
i began to see glimmers of life.

i learned the colors red, pink, purple, and blue,
saw the bright yellow of the glaring sun,
drowned in the vast darkness of the night.

and, with you, i began to see the world in color,
not monochrome, but polychrome –
3-D shapes, rather than flat emotions and gray stones.

you taught me my self-worth – defined by only me –
that there are no rules to living,
and that coloring outside the lines were okay.

and, even when my days became black and white again,
you stood my side and infused my life with your light,
till i began to see once more.

so, on my artist’s palette,
i carry with me the black and white from my previous life,
and all the colors you taught me –
it is the painting of me.

sometimes, one special person enters your life and is the catalyst for change. and they bring with them so much vibrancy and color that you can’t help but change and bask in their light. and sometimes they teach you to love yourself, all of yourself, even the parts you hated, even the you in the past, the you in the present, and the you in the future.

the final message is to love yourself. every part. and help the people around you to feel the same about themselves.


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