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rainy thoughts

the heavens weep for all of those it has lost to the merciless winter sweeping across desert lands with a heavy hand, sparking no glance to the gray huddled masses crowded around a single burning fire.

but hope can only burn for so long, and it sputters out as the heavens weep along with the American people to the rhythm of the coughs from the dying and wailing from the grieving.

bare branches of trees shiver along with the moans from the humans, missing the warm glow from the burning star that once lit the gray skies with an everlasting fire. but, now, only the moon carries the sky on its back, and, in its loneliness and pain, it wails for the stars to brush their comforting arms across its endless dark sky, to urge their once bright friend to come out again.

but the sun refuses to show its face, hiding behind clouds from the pain that threatens to overwhelm its warm glow.

and so you shiver along with the American people .

mere forgetfulness causes you to forget that humans are inventors, and inventors can burn bright amongst the shambles of ruins. but now you remember that even within darkest night, man can creates his own light, even if the heavens and fortune has given up.

so, with a slight breath, you light a match in the night. the brightest orange flickers out, catching fire midst the cowl of midnight, blossoming into vibrant rainbows bounding from shadow to shadow.colors splash from person to person, as hunched forms jump out their bed with sudden energy, and prisoners chained within caves of their own grey misery finally catch a glimpse of the light again.

and, so it goes, the bright rainbow light bounding from torch to torch across the world, creating man-made hope and lighting the way for the stars and the sun to follow.

the heavens smile once more.


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