beauty is never hidden;
it stands out – beautiful and strong –
the beholder finds in herself to judge and contemplate,
but these shades of opinions meet at two:
there are just those too blind to see it,
and those who can see the world
in its purely natural form
and believe in it.

4 thoughts on “beauty

    1. It is humanity’s flaws to see the appearance and make split-second decisions, and despite the fact that so many explain the wrongness of such things and the various themes that demonstrate the negativity such decisions and actions bring, humanity is forever fated to be stuck in this cycle. Discrimination will always remain, but it is humanity’s forever mission to fight against it. All we can do now is try to spread this school of thought to others around us and implement it ourselves. ❤


      1. Absolutely. I agree wholly to what you have said. But it is not just about how we fight stigma but also how we control it. We are made to believe in ideals of so called beauty in every aspect of our life, but the shameful thing is how none of them actually focus on the beauty within. Be it a commercial or a random conversation, beauty is this rigid “rating” of how we look rather than how we act. It will take time, but once we start appreciating people for the substance they have within than the Botox they have on their faces, I believe it would be a victory for all of human race!

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      2. Exactly! Even as a teenager still going through high school, I can tell that beauty, especially among females, is so sought after that those who don’t carry this superficial beauty are considered “lower”, if not just in appearance but also in talent and personality. This concept of beauty is so intricately tied with what the world considers to be “who we are” that automatically certain races and certain features are degraded. I agree with you completely; once we start appreciating people for the substance they have within them, humanity will be better. And it starts with just a single person. 🙂


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